Alchemical Symbols of elements Earth - Air - Fire - Water

Alchemical Symbols of elements Earth - Air - Fire - Water



  • Direction: East

  • Color: Red

  • Animals Associated: Eagle, Condor, Winged Ones

  • Celestial Position: Spring, the Rising Sun, Waxing Moon

  • Brings: Clarity, High Perspective, Visions, Ideas

  • Symbols: Clouds, Wind, Mountains, Daybreak

  • Altar Expression: Feathers, Incense, Tobacco


  • Direction: South

  • Color: Yellow

  • Animals Associated: Coyote, Wolf, Serpent

  • Celestial Position: Summer, the Noon Day Sun, Full Moon

  • Brings: Energy, Heat, Playfulness, Sexuality, Creativity

  • Symbols: Fire Pit, Drums, Dancing, Laughter

  • Altar Expression: Flame, Instruments such as Rattle and Drum


  • Direction: West

  • Color: Black (sometimes blue)

  • Animals Associated: Aquatic Animals, Bear

  • Celestial Position: Autumn, Sun Set, Waning Moon

  • Brings: Intuition, Emotion, Dreaming, Endings, Introspection

  • Symbols: Ocean Waves, Salty Tears, Womb Place, Abyss

  • Altar Expression:  Chalice, Water, Blue Silk, Stars


  • Direction: North

  • Color: White

  • Animals Associated: Hummingbird, Buffalo

  • Celestial Position: Winter, Night, New Moon

  • Brings: Wisdom, Ancestors, Stability, Knowledge

  • Symbols: The Frigid North, Snow, Northern Lights

  • Altar Expression: Stones, Ancestral Items, Coins



There is an expansion upon the four directions, for many traditions, this expansion is called the Seven Directions. Seven is a potent and sacred number and is held to hold significance spiritually.

The additional directions as we move through calling in directions are:

  • Above - The Great Spirit, Sky Father, Obatala (Yoruba), Ma’at (Khemetic). The Nameless One, Celestial Beings, Angels, Benevolent Extra Terrestrials, etc.

    • We thank them for their participation in our ascension, we ask that they watch over us as we walk upon the Earth.

  • Below - Pachamama, Mother Earth, Gaia (Greek), Ta Urt (Khemetic). The First Mother, Animals who Burrow, Slither, Crawl, Plant Spirits, Terrestrial Hosts, Fairies, Stone People, etc.

    • We thank her for her presence and life giving ways in our lives, for always providing for us, we ask her to receive our stewardship and commitment to honor her.

  • Within - The Heart Portal, Vortex Place, Singularity. The Meeting Point of All Directions, The Heart Beat, All Moments Leading to Now, Higher Self, Inner Child, etc.

    • We acknowledge our willingness to show up in this place, to step forward for ourself and community so we may heal our lives.


When calling in the directions, we do not command them, instead we acknowledge and thank their always presence within and without us.