Guided with Substance - Video Interview

My dear friend and sister Substance is starting a new webcast series titled “Guided with Substance”, she is an amazing soul and I was so honored that she chose me to be a guest for this new series she’s launched!

Watch the Video below and Follow her Channel for more enlightening influencers in our community.

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Conscious Misconception - A Womxn's Plan

Part One

Both men and wombyn, when in a relationship or while single have the responsibility of creating or not creating life.  For too long, wombyn have held the sole responsibility of birth control using a variety of pharmaceutical agents, inserts, chemical shots and surgery.  With this lecture, our aim is to empower singles and couples to move forward without fear, for wombyn to hijack their cycles and for men to be sensitive to their own role as an active participant in Conscious Misconception.

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Mother of the Deep Light: Psilocybin Mushrooms

Some call psilocybin mushroom the little children. Primarily those who hail from a long lineage of healers and curanderas in the hills of southern Mexico. The Mazatec and surrounding peoples have a relation with this life form spanning perhaps thousands of years and they’ve developed a rich traditional practice in their consumption. An important person who stepped from their culture and into western awareness was Maria Sabina. This sharing is dedicated to her, her story, her work, and her influence in my life and countless others.

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Awakening Through Darkness, Ceremony, and Vibration: Sun Ra as a Kemetic Space-Shaman

Sun Ra’s great Arkestra in the sky is born out of a necessity to place black people in infinite possibility.  Though efforts be thwarted by those geared at maintaining the current system of oppression, the guiding light of universal vibration drives Sun Ra and his group to continue to bring frequencies that raise up the black consciousness and eventually send them to a space oppressionless and expansive. 

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