Some call psilocybin mushroom the little children. Primarily those who hail from a long lineage of healers and curanderas in the hills of southern Mexico. The Mazatec and surrounding peoples have a relation with this life form spanning perhaps thousands of years and they’ve developed a rich traditional practice in their consumption. An important person who stepped from their culture and into western awareness was Maria Sabina. This sharing is dedicated to her, her story, her work, and her influence in my life and countless others.

I’m not here to teach you the mazatec way as that is not where I come from, but I will draw from the invaluable wisdom left for us when learning to relate with this medicine. Mushroom in Spanish are hongos and I may use this word interchangeably as I speak. 

Personally, I like to call the spirit within the hongos as Mother mushroom or mama because she holds me, she shows me and knows what I need to see. Like any mother, It’s in how We approach her that she in turn gives the gentle lesson and the gentle journey - this way of approaching her is available to everyone if they learn and develop their own relationship with the spirit and the chemistry within this fungus, they can be filled with the deep light that emanates from them. 

Like all entheogens, hongos have a spiritual component and a scientific 3rd dimensional makeup.

Western medicine is catching up to its potency, and now is time to begin the education and the integration of this fungus into our lives. The integration begins with destigmatizing their physical presence and begin to adjust our own vibration to theirs.

I once heard a story about a French woman who’d journied to Mexico and learned the mazatec way of living with the psilocybin. She spent many years with them and began to travel from place to place. She brought the medicine to Thailand where she held a 40 person ceremony. Many of those people were the elderly, and many of those were women. A few days after the ceremony, an elder woman came up to her and asked if she had any more, the woman was excited and laughed saying, “Would you like to take some more?” And she replied, “No, I’d like to wear them, make jewelry from them.” She was confused by this and asked why she would do that. 

Can anyone imagine why this woman would wear the mushrooms ? 

The power of their pure emanation, what they bring forth in their own selves. Feeling their medicine has nothing to do with eating them. Being in their field begins your shifting in itself, their medicine is already in the air and with you when you’re with them. 

These are the body of god. These are sentient beings, life. Being, matter that has a soul hat has a spirit just as we do, just as the animals, all the other plants. 

This is a sacrament and a medicine. The difference between this medicine and what we call medicine in the west, with its proper use, you may never have to take it again. You may be cured, you may be truly healed. What it creates with you in your life, that’s the difference. 

The revelation the western mind is beginning to have is that there’s an innate healing mechanism within the body and in the psyche. In the past, the responsibility to heal was often left with curanderas, shamans and medicine people, now we are beginning to realize that we can step back and let one’s own healing take place. We are bearing witness to a healing intelligence that knows how to work with and what to do with the exact chemistry in the mushrooms. 

As a disclaimer: this medicine is not for everyone, not everyone must take this, perhaps it does. It agree with your psyche and your body and your mind and your spirit and in that case there are medicines for you that are available, however, it is the right, it is the responsibility of every human to have true access to these life giving medicines. 

When I say mother of the deep light because the source of healing comes from the soul deep within yourself. In this soul, you find the truth and the clarity that you need to take with you in your life. It is in those dark moments that you can be reborn. It is in the night, in the shadow, by the candle that you find your answer, the answers to some of the hardest questions, the answers to see through to your next level of evolution. To assist you in facing your darkness and bringing the light into those shadowy spaces. 

The hongos chemically have the ability to recrystalize your neural structure, form it and mend it to give you the ability to see your life and yourself through different eyes with a different heart, with a powerful mind - a mind that is not afraid. We can be with this safely and that’s why I’m here, sharing this information, this medicine is safe. 

This medicine being is deeply benevolent. 


Maria Sabina Frequency Meditation To be used in Conjunction with Psilocybin