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medicine from the heart of nature

Yoni Steams + Bajos

An ancient tradition of warming herbs and sitting over them to purify, balance and harmonize the body.

Fill out the yoni steam intake form and begin our conversation around healing your womb


Counseling Services

I offer to you my time at your own pace and in your own way of navigating what you’re facing in life.

.: mediums available :.

letter writing, text reading, voice notes, video chat,

calls, gift sharing, art making

.:  special topics :.

motherhood, depression, relationships, self image, esteem, community and feelings of loneliness

Curvy Tree Road


Beginning your plant medicine journey?

Maybe you've already traveled and need support?

Want to learn about microdosing?

Interested in group or solo ceremonies? 


Let's explore options, resources and guidance, I'm here to listen to your story and give suggestions for sourcing your next steps.

    san diego, ca

    signal chat: 818.660.8747

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