Guided Writing Activity to Release - Examine Karmic Ties

  • What do you feel is a common theme that has run through some of these previous relationships you’ve had, that you’re seeing now echo in your relationship?

  • What is coming up again that you recognize is something repetitive about your life?

Visualize for a Moment -

  1. Imagine you are visiting a beautiful museum of your life and all around the walls are snapshots of past experiences that left a particular imprint on you.

  2. Explore the room

  3. What’s the character of the floor, the walls? What kinds of frames are the photos and moving images in?

    1. What is the color of the ceiling, what kind of space is this? Put yourself into this room.

    2. Once you’ve fully arrived, approach a piece on the wall that matches the vibrational signature or the karmic pattern that is unfolding before you.

    3. See the experience that set this pattern into place. Look into it and remember it as your life.

    4. Bring yourself into that moment as if it is happening in the present time, pull yourself into the experience as if you were reliving it in the first person.

  4. Feel the circumstance.   Teleport yourself.  You are there and while you’re there speak to yourself in the first person.  “I am here, I am with this person”  Everything you write, may it be as though it’s unfolding in real time.  Write the story of what happened.  

This moment can very well be the circumstance or the experience and set of experiences that has locked in your memory, your karmic pattern.  This emotionally charged experience may have set this pattern in place.  To really clear this karmic pattern, it’s important to release the emotional charge that is holding it in place. This is possibly a past life or can be a circumstance which you have experienced with this person in this time line.

  1. Who was there? See the person before you.

  2. How do you know them? Where did you meet them? When did you first meet?

  3. What was the nature of your relationship?

  4. What happened between you? Watch it unfold in your mind’s eye. Follow the feeling and any indications of sensations in the body that could indicate the physicality of your interaction.

  5. Feel your body is if it’s there, see through those eyes if you can as if you are physically present. You are teleporting and materializing into this plane.

  6. As it’s unfolding, knowing what you know now, what would you like to say to this person? What is your heart telling you to say? This will reconfigure quantumly how this experience unfolds. If emotions come up, welcome them and let them move through your body, releasing them with each breath.

  7. Feel whatever it is that comes up as you unleash your sovereignty in those moments, what are you saying? How does it feel speaking from the I am as if it’s happening in the present?

  8. What happened after the emotional experience? What happened to you? To them? How did that situation end?

  9. What words or sensations sealed this energy in place?

  10. Follow yourself to the end of that lifetime or to the point that you are at right now with the clarity that you have. In that clarity, what level of freedom do you have now knowing where you have come? It is time to say goodbye and build a new contract.

Your higher self is here to tell you that you no longer need to feel the consequences of this lesson any more.  You are FREE.  FREE of what it took for you to learn.  Now, you can completely absorb the lesson and let love and let go with your full heart, whatever is left to be transmuted by the universe.  With a deeper knowing and understanding move forward in peace, having let loved and let go