What steps can I take to begin this path?

  1. Click the button below to fill out a contact information form and begin our conversation around creating sacred space in your life.

  2. Explore Working With Elementals below to feel into what your altar needs and elements are calling!

  3. Start a conversation with your space or the aspect within yourself you’d like to make contact with through altar building. Journaling questions could include:

    • What does sacred space mean to me?

    • Do I really feel in clear communication with my higher self, with nature, with my ancestors, with the divine?

    • Where can I go to worship or commune with spirit?

What is altar building?

Altar building is the ages-old practice of creating sacred space. Large constructions such as homes, government buildings, civic centers, burial grounds as well as churches, places of worship and Nature Herself are all considered sacred spaces. Often, these centers were created taking into account: location, direction, shape, and content to direct their intended purpose.

Within these places live altars - the vortex of communication with the divine - the space where spiritual altering occurs.

Traditions around the world hold their own wisdom around altar creation, however, some of the most common themes include: the five elements, a deity of attention or focus, ancestral altars, abundance altars and holy day altars.

altar to yemaya - ocean goddess of yoruba

altar to yemaya - ocean goddess of yoruba

altar to ellegua - crossroads loa of yoruba

altar to ellegua - crossroads loa of yoruba

Is altar building hard to do?

The simple answer is NO. The ability to create sacred spaces is within each one of us. Many have forgotten not only how to begin but why it is important in the first place. The largest grain of advice regarding altar building I can share is: The amount of focused love and attention you give the space, the more powerful it becomes.

There are nuances to creating altars that are effective and speak to you, though and this is why I am offering my assistance.

Would you like to learn more about creating sacred spaces wherever you are?

Suggested Donation for Altar Building

The donation for this service can blossom in a variety of ways, depending on the amount of development and physical, spiritual and emotional labor spared.

Introduction to Altar Building Video Chat: 60 minute Zoom call (up to 5 people) $55

Advanced In-Person Altar Building: Do you already have the gist or natural talent for altar building? Let’s build one together! Will travel up to 30 miles $66 per Hr

Festival Altar Building: Let’s create something unforgettable for many people to transform. Reach out and let’s collaborate.